Around the next corner

Sitting on the ferry leaving North island on January 1st. Our faces turned to the sun and the Queen Charlotte sounds. I wrote “Who could fail to be inspired by this…. to travel is to be and to see. Always I return to me. My paints might be left at home but I feel creative […]

The kindness of a stranger

My blogposts seemed to have followed a bit of an embarrassing theme recently. My British humour allowing me to see the funny side, as I stumble rather than wander through life. This post is not as funny as some of my other stories but I feel compelled to share this example of human kindness in […]

The mystery of the missing bra

How did I lose my brand new blue bra? How could it have been handed to me by the very nice courier man and then gone without a trace? I was meeting Glenn at the Blues club and doing my usual multi tasking, feeding the pets, lighting the fire, tiding up, getting changed and messaging […]


“Why have a website?” Has been a big question for me for a while. There are so many online opportunities to share, that I almost felt I didn’t need one. Until that moment when someone asked. “Do you have a website? Where can I see your work?” and I was left mumbling about Facebook and […]

The art of staying

How do I find calm in the chaos ? I’ve been turning to nature constantly. Loving my daily walks and just taking notice of the beauty around me.The first thing I hear every morning is the birds song. I tune into it and remember that they sing anyway. They remind me just to do my […]

Peeing in a bucket

I am not good at peeing in a bucket. I’ll spare you the details and let you imagine all the things that can go wrong with a rather generous sized bottom and a small bucket. Apparently I am good at storytelling… I collect colourful characters and each person gives me a  lesson. The more I […]

Those big girl knickers

Its a year today that my knickers flew away. Its a story that has become somewhat of a legend in our family. Usually Millie will tell anyone we meet that “ Claire lost her knickers in the South Island!” Glenn with an evil grin will ask her to tell the story ….. I roll my […]

My Wonky hat.

 I am going to talk about Hats. Which may seem strange as I neither make hats or wear them. So what I am really talking about is my imaginary hats.  I have been the Queen of juggling hats, my Mother hat, traveller, textile designer, teacher, wife,friend, artist, writer, illustrator and many more. So many hats […]

Begin again…

I wonder, as I write this blog post, who will be interested in my mind wanderings and creative insights?