The Isolated Illustrator

I asked myself “What would love do?”

And Love replied “Just be you.”

This is not a traditional story. I never intended to write a book. It is a collection of my musings and doodles straight from social media. The writing is informal and unapologetically erratic, a journey of emotions through uncertain times. Part of me wants to send this to my editor to polish off all the raw edges but then I wouldn’t be sharing with you the real me.

‘The ISOLATED ILLUSTRATOR’ is 106 pages of my thoughts, drawings and connections. Available in hard copy and as a downloable PDF. There are also a handful of original drawings along with copies of all the drawings for sale on here.

I started the project for myself, as a disciplined practice to document my days, throughout the Covid-19 lockdown of New Zealand in 2020. I was curious to see if I could visually express my feelings daily.

The sharing started as an accountability and a commitment but little did I know how the feedback I received would inspire me. I realised my art was a creative way of caring in the community. Even though it was online, there was such a strong sense of connection and kindness.

Gratitude became the focus of most of my days. Our Autumn walks and noticing nature. Simple pleasures and family values. Reminiscent of childhood delights. Suddenly there was more time for the things that mattered most.

My doodles were often playful and ditsy. Exasperated by bad hair days or drinking wine instead of tea and dancing in the kitchen. Facing the darker days were not so easy when I missed my girls.

Glenn observed my frustrations and resistance over the project and said “Have you created a monster?” I pushed through and bravely shared my vulnerable moments. Then others came forward and said “Me too.” Such powerful little words to know we are not alone. 

I let the project take on it’s own life. If people requested drawings I drew them. If they wanted to buy them I sold them, and lastly everyone said please make a book so we can remember this strange time.