Those big girl knickers


Those big girl knickers

Its a year today that my knickers flew away. Its a story that has become somewhat of a legend in our family. Usually Millie will tell anyone we meet that “ Claire lost her knickers in the South Island!” Glenn with an evil grin will ask her to tell the story ….. I roll my eyes as she booms out in her loudest voice that “ Claire mooned the cows out of the window and her knickers flew away” For the record its not true and she wasn’t there but what’s the saying? “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story?” Stop reading now if you think that’s enough about my knickers and feel free to share your own embarrassing story with me …. I know you have one, we all do. Keep reading if you want the real version, which I am not sure is even that funny or worth telling anymore…. but I promised I would tell you.
When I need to feel brave, I tell myself to put on my big girl knickers. They are my superpower.I laugh in the face of fear and conquer my demons!!!!. My family and friends have always said … “just put your big girl knickers on and you’ll be fine” Picture Glenn and I in our little white camper van driving through the mist and the drizzle on the West coast of the South Island, on New Year’s day. That blurry hangover before coffee state, that demanded everything to be a little slower and quieter than normal. Glenns motorbike was on the trailer behind us. So far we had seen very few people. The world felt fast asleep still. The camper van bumped along the rough road and Glenn leant forward over the wheel peering into the haze as the rain increased. I was thinking about what an amazing trip we were having and how wonderful our relationship was.Still In the early stages. Every day was an adventure (Still is)

Then out of no where this black thing hit the camper van. Glenn says he saw it flying off the back of the van . In my mind it hit us straight on. Right in front of Glenns face. I actually thought it was a big bird that splattered across the window.
“ What the F…!!!! WAS THAT?” He yelled swerving and nearly coming off the road. I stuttered, “nothing…um ..not …sure…” He repeated “WTF!!!!” Several times until I whispered in my best Bridget Jones english voice. “ My knickers.”
“What do you mean your knickers!!!!” He shouted at me in disbelief looking at me as if I didn’t have any on…
“My knickers” I mumbled with the mortified knowledge that he wasn’t go to let this go.
“Why are your knickers flying through the air” he laughed enjoying my discomfort and red cheeks.

I’d washed them and not wanting to draw attention to my rather large ugly big girl knickers had discreetly chosen to dry them on the side mirror, thinking I’d remember that they were there….
Hum nothing discreet about flying knickers!! Or the fact this has become the most told story about me.
Hoping we could leave my sad knickers and hurry up and get a coffee I sighed deeply.
Glenn stoped the van, abruptly screeching to a halt. “What are you doing?” I asked.
“Nothing.. but you are going over there to pick up your knickers!!” He laughed reversing the van and the trailer back to the spot where the knickers landed.
“No !!!! Just leave them!” I protested, imagining getting run over picking them up.
“No way! You are not littering the South Island with your knickers!!!”
So off I went and picked them up. By then Glenn was enjoying himself immensely and unknown to me was photographing me picking them up.

Sharing the photos of our trip with the girls, Glenn of course lingered on this photo. The girls were wondering what I was doing squatting down in the middle of the road in the rain and I was squealing “No you didn’t photo that!!!!” Which of course was enough of a big embarrassing reaction to peek their interest. He slowed the photo down as it was on “Live” photos. Suddenly Millie shouted “ Those are your Knickers!!!! You lost your knickers in South Island!!!” And no amount of dulling the story down would do. We all laughed and laughed until our faces were wet with tears. Is there a point to the story? Not really. Maybe my initiation to this funny family, maybe not letting the truth get in the way of a good story, maybe never hide your ugly big girl knickers, maybe always go back and pick up your litter? But mostly just laugh because that’s what units us. Tell those funny family tales, again and again because you’ll find them funnier than anyone else because you were there. Living, laughing and letting go and I now have a new nickname… Nicholas” Here’s to love and laughter and many more adventures. Much love Cx

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