Wandering Words


Around the next corner

Sitting on the ferry leaving North island on January 1st. Our faces turned to the sun and the Queen Charlotte sounds. I wrote “Who could

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“Why have a website?” Has been a big question for me for a while. There are so many online opportunities to share, that I almost

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The art of staying

How do I find calm in the chaos ? I’ve been turning to nature constantly. Loving my daily walks and just taking notice of the

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Peeing in a bucket

I am not good at peeing in a bucket. I’ll spare you the details and let you imagine all the things that can go wrong

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My Wonky hat.

 I am going to talk about Hats. Which may seem strange as I neither make hats or wear them. So what I am really talking

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Begin again…

I wonder, as I write this blog post, who will be interested in my mind wanderings and creative insights?

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